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Troy and Tabby Cat

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Troy - The Horse That Saved a Lady
 Tabby Cat - The Life Saver 

:Troy - The Horse That Saved a Lady

Gina Hill loves horses. She has many horses but Troy is her favorite.

One Day, Gina and her mother went riding, and Gina rode Troy.

While they were riding, they chanced to a terrible storm.

They realized that they had to return home, and took a shortcut near the canal. It was too late. The water in the canal was getting higher and higher, and its sides were very muddy.

As the horses walked through the mud, the mud suddenly fell into the water together with Gina and Troy.

After a short time, Troy's head came up and he started climbing up the muddy sides of the canal. Gina was lying face down in the dirty brown water. Then Tory saw her, and threw himself back into the water. The horse put its head under the water and lifted Gina up. Slowly, he pushed her to the side of the canal.

Two farmers had seen the accident and came running to help. They pulled Gina away from the water, and she was breathing again.

Suddenly, Troy's head came up above the muddy water. He reached the side of the canal, and pulled himself up and out.

The story describes a wonderful friendship. Troy the horse put Gina's life before his own. He could die and drown in the canal, but he risked his life to save Gina.

:Tabby Cat - The Life Saver

Carol Fowler lived in a small flat with her husband, Bob, and her pet, Tabby Cat. One day, when Bob was out at work Carol cut her finger on a rusty nail. Although the wound wasn't serious, Carol decided to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot.

On the way back to home, Carol began to feel very faint. She hardly made it back to her flat. As she pushed open her front door, all her strength failed, and she felt down on the floor.

Tabby Cat saw that and was alarmed. Clawing he opened the half-closed door, and crossed the hallway to the next neighbors. He began jumping up to hit the metal letter-box flap on their front door.

When the neighbor opened the door, she saw Carol lying motionless on the floor, and ran to call an ambulance.

Some hours later, Carol opened her eyes in the hospital. A nurse told her she had suffered an allergic reaction to the injection and that her cat saved her life. Carol was amazed to hear what happened.

This story also describes a wonderful friendship. Without her faithful friend, Tabby Cat, Carol would have died. Tabby Cat showed that he's very loyal and he did things that other cats can't do.


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