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Relative Pronouns

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  Relative Pronouns
 Combining Sentences 

:Relative Pronouns

Example ...Refers to Relative Pronoun
This is the man who lives nearby Refers to people


Monkeys are animals which eat bananas.

This is the table which I fixed last week.


Refers to animals and objects


This is the place where I was born Refers to a place. Where = in/at which


The 1st of September is the day when students begin to learn Refers to dates/time


This is the boy whose bag was stolen Possession for people, animals and objects


This is the man in whom I love

Refers to people. Whom = who + pronoun.

Comes before a noun, and a verb is written after it





It's possible to replace the words "who" or "which" with the word "that". However, it cannot come after preposition or commas.


:Combining Sentences

א.       המשפט הראשון לא משתנה.

ב.       נשמיט את כינוי הגף שקשור לשני המשפטים.

ג.        נוסיף את ה-Relative Pronoun המתאים ואחריו יבוא המשפט השני.

ד.        הערה – יש מקרים שבהם המשפט השני נכנס לתוך המשפט הראשון ומופרד בשני פסיקים (בדומה לתמורה בעברית).



1. I didn't enjoy the book. I borrowed it form you.

I didn't enjoy the book which I borrowed from you.


2. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It's thousands of years old.

Jerusalem, which is thousands of years old, is the capital of Israel.


3. The girl is standing by the door. I met her last week.

The girl, whom I met last week, is standing by the door.


4. I met a friend last week. Her husband is a pilot.

I met a friend, whose husband is a pilot, last week.


לעוד הסבר בנושא ה-Relative Pronouns ושחבור המשפטים, לחצו כאן.



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