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 The Daylight - sun 
The Inuit
 The Way of Life in Alaska Today 


The temperatures are very cold, and can reach 40 degrees below 0. You have to be really careful to wear the right clothes in this weather. If you don't have good boots and good mittens, you can loose your toes and your fingers.

:The Daylight - sun

The sun in Alaska sets each year in November and disappears for 65 days. Although it is not completely dark, living without the sun isn't easy, but there are things to do – like indoor sports, computer games, watching TV, and visiting each other.

From May to August the sun doesn't set at all, and it's light all the time.

:The Inuit

The Inuit are the people who live in Alaska and in other four countries near or inside the Arctic Circle. Their name means "human beings" and they had special traditions in the past: Every winter they went on hunting trips, because they couldn't grow vegetables or fruits in the frozen ground.

During these trips they lived in igloos and shared their food with other families. However, the igloos weren't their regular houses, they lived in houses that they built from whale bones. Today they live in houses like our.

:The Way of Life in Alaska Today

Today, the life in Alaska is much modern than in the past.

The inhabitants don't hunt anymore, they buy the food in stores. Everyone has TV, and many people have computers and the Internet.

However in other ways the lives are different than ours – there are no shopping malls or movie theaters in the towns, there are no roads outside the town, and there is even no running water in the houses.   



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