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התחברות לפורום הכיתה:

שם משתמש
| הרשמה
| שכחתי סיסמה
 חינוך תעבורתי
להורדת הסיכום למחשב לחצו כאן.
(c) כל הזכויות שמורות לכותב הסיכום.

סיכום על 3 המכתבים, בעמוד 8-10 בספר

הסיכום נכתב ע"י אביב זהרוני.
שימו לב! קישור להורדת הסיכום מופיע בסוף העמוד. כדי לצפות בו לאחר ההורדה יש להשתמש בתוכנה Acrobat Reader.

תוכן עניינים:
First Letter
2. Second Letter 
3. Third Letter 

First Letter:

(a) David – David hide in the Judean Desert because King Saul wanted to kill him – that's because the people loved David more than Saul and they wanted David to be a king.  David is afraid, but he survived .thanks to his best friend, Jonathan

(b) Saul – Saul was the king of Israel – God chose him to be a king. In spite of that, he wanted to kill David .because the people loved David more than him

 (c) Jonathan – Son of Saul, David's best friend. Jonathan loved David more than a brother. He warned him .of his father's planes, and saved his life.


:Second Letter

(a) Esther Kim – Kay's best friend, was getting ready to compete against her in tae-kwon-doe (a kind of a martial art). The winner in that competition joined the U.S Olympic team, and because she knew Kay is injured and she will lose, Esther didn't fight and let Kay win. Esther didn't want to win unfairly and her .friend's happiness is more important to her than her own

(b) Kay Poe – Esther's best friend. Kay won the tae-kwon-doe competition after Esther quit the fight. Kay hurt .her knee badly in another fight, and she could hardly stand up – that's why Esther let her win


:Third Letter

(a) Pythias – Pythias was planning to kill King Dionysius, but he was caught, and was sentenced to death. He begged Dionysius to let him go home, sell his house, and give his money to his old parents. He promised to return in 5 days and Damon, Pythias's best friend offered him to take Pythias place in the .prison

 (b) Damon – Pythias's best friend. Damon took Pythias place in the prison, while Pythias was arranging his .stuff. Damon agreed to die for Pythias, and he was sure that Pythias will come back

(c) Dionysius – King Dionysius caught Pythias after he planned to kill him. Dionysius sentenced Pythias to death, but let him to go home and sell his house in 5 days. Meanwhile, Damon took Pythias place in the prison and Dionysius was sure that Pythias won't come back. After Dionysius prepared Damon's execution Pythias came back. Dionysius had never see such a wonderful friendship and decided to set them both .free


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